Kansas Hunter Bags 27 Point Antlered Doe

Hunter bags a 27 point doe in Kansas 

Everything went as exacly as planned for one Kansas hunter. He was in the right place at the right time — and the deer that a neighbor had told him about showed up. After watching the buck for a short time, the deer finally worked its way through the woods and made itself availalbe for a clear shot. It was about 100 yards away and Mike Smith’s shot was true. The excited hunter thought that he had harvested the buck of a lifetime, a gnarly 27 point non-typical deer with double drops and still in velvet. But as he loaded the white-tailed deer into the truck, he realized that his “buck” was actually a 27 point antlered doe! The hunter told the press:

“When I rolled it over there was nothing male-looking on the deer. I looked at the back end and it was definitely a doe. That was a real surprise.”

Not only was the doe he shot in early December a rare antlered white-tailed doe, but it may end up being the largest antlered doe ever shot in the world. The rack was measured at about 179 inches Boone and Crockett inches as a non-typical. A retired Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks biologist, avid hunter, and official scorer stated, “Doe deer occasionally have antlers. Doe antlers are frequently covered in velvet. Does seldom shed their antlers, like bucks do annually.” Continue reading “Kansas Hunter Bags 27 Point Antlered Doe”