Mountain Lion Really Killed this Whitetail

Readers of this site know that I usually write about deer management and anything related to hunting and white-tailed deer. In addition, I do my best to get the facts correct before  publishing content that I feel is accurate and helpful to hunters and land owners such as yourselves. Well, about a month ago I wrote an article that featured the photo above of a mountain lion dragging a dead buck, and stated that the photo was a fake. As it turns out, the photo is not fake, but a really amazing trail camera photo taken on a ranch in South Texas.

Every deer hunter that has spent any amount of time in the woods, or more appropriately around a campfire with other hunters, has heard stories related to mountain lion sightings. In fact, that’s one of the best things about getting outdoors and into the wildlife woods–you just never know what you are going to see. And speaking from experience and these photos below, there are some pretty amazing things going on in the “woods” all of the time.

 This photo caught a mountain lion near a feeder after killing a whitetail buck

Photos, like campfire stories, are not always truthful. Before writing the first article about this photo of a mountain lion dragging a buck, I did a little research regarding the photo. If this photo had been faked, it would not have been the first. To make a long story short, someone admitted that they had “made” the photo. As it turns out, the real owner of the mountain lion photo saw the article, contacted me, gave the real story, and provided me with additional photos to corroborate the mountion lion kill.

The photos below are in time succession, show a deer fleeing the area prior to the buck kill, and you can even see the drag marks in the dirt after the lion walks in front of the game camera. The ranch owner even said he found the whitetail’s head and remains about six weeks after these photos were taken. A truly remarkable occurrence, especially since it was caught on film. A special thanks to Chet Markgraf for his story and these photos!

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  1. Now this is going around on Facebook as being taken in West Virginia!! I linked here for proof hopefully. I use photoshop everyday professionally. This looks legit- or someone wasted a lot of time in their life making something they’re not getting credit for!


  3. Yep, thanks for the info. After two years, this mountain lion has finally made it’s way to NH.

  4. Facebook says it’s a catamount from my area in Northern Vermont.. Ya right!

  5. This exact same picture came out here in south texas (eagle pass) on a mexican news paper (zocalo) and supposable it was found in a ranch in mexico that border eagle pass, there have been a lot more mountain lion sightings down here, and the terrain certainly looks like mexico.

  6. Just had a neighborhood visit on the porch. Looks like this cat has longer legs than the picture shows. He’s been spotted with the same buck just outside of Savannah, Tennessee. Wish I could get his secret to preserving his catch and oh of course his travel methods. Only one thing to say here “BEAM ME UP SCOTTY”!!! LOL

  7. My wife & I were Deer huntin Near Tolar, Texas. We sat in our stands until dark as
    usual. We were somewhat puzzled that we saw none of the deer that usually showed up like clock work. NOT to mention the birds that always came in. As we started back to the truck suddenly a loud scream like a woman.

  8. From Tennessee to Eastern Kentucky now! Saw in facebook newsfeed tonight the same photo, supposedly from Blaine, KY. I did a reverse lookup on the photo and one of the hits was this site. Not that I don’t believe there are cougars here (the old folks call them panthers, though);

    I saw one myself near Cave Run Lake in East-Central Kentucky about 20 years ago, and a young one was killed on the highway (this was well-documented) in Floyd County, KY in the mid 1990s. No doubt in my mind that with the reintroduction of elk to the area & the population boom in deer, the cougars are probABLY REBOUNDING, TOO.

  9. Wow, over two years and this picture is still on the move. People believe the stupidest things. Cool picture, had to see where it came from. Got told it came from a trail cam in Delton, michigan. Maybe it came from the moon…and it’s a zombie cat, someone start that rumor.

  10. Ron Braithwaite says:

    I live in South Texas, right on the Rio Grande, between Eagle Pass and Laredo. We DO have lions here. I’ve spotted them several times and shot one [yes, it’s legal in Texas] while deer hunting perhaps 400 yards from the Rio Grande. Most the lions I’ve seen–including kills and tracks–are close to the river. I’ve wondered if they spend the day in the thick river side cane brakes.

    Perhaps more interesting, while bow hunting for wild hogs, I heard two lions screaming perhaps 50 yards from where I was sitting. I got a glimpse of one of them through the brush–but only a glimpse. The screams were remarkable in both quality and volume. Has anyone else here ever heard a mountain lion screaming up REAL close? If so, I’d like to compare experiences.


  11. Well, I now have Johnny Cash’s “I’ve been Everywhere” stuck in my head! This showed up on facebook today as having come from a little town in the woods of Eastern Connecticut!
    We DID have a cougar hit by a car in our state last year, but the DNA proved it to be from WAY west of here – they think it was a “captive” animal that had been released, or escaped. Thanks so much for all this interesting info everybody.

  12. Pic is now going on Facebook that it was taken in Conneticut. Sheesh! :-P

  13. Extreme Hunter says:

    The times on the trail camera don’t match up. The one with the mountain lion say 2/15/2009 4:31 am and the other picture with the the buck by himself eating says 7:20 am. As well as all the other ones. Explain that.

  14. The times do match up Extreme Hunter. Read the article. Not the same buck in the later photos, but shows the drag marks!!!

  15. It is true, I promise, their here in Tennessee. small numbers and very weary keep them hidden most of the time. I have seen two in 40 plus years and many hours in the woods. Their not black, just good old mountain lions, cougars, pumas and whatever else you want to call them. We have pictures of tracks and even some pics of the cats and our game officers tell us they don’t exist, but make sure not to shoot one. That should tell you everything you need to know. They are here.

  16. iminplainfield says:

    That picture is currently now being circulated in Southeastern CT, saying this occurred in Griswold, CT.

  17. Now it’s on Facebook, saying it’s in Hopkinton,IA… Gessshhh!! I wish folks would not add to stories. I posted this link to their FB wall.

  18. Well, the pic made it’s way to south Georgia (Albany) over the weekend. Story I was told was that some guy in Alabama shot the deer, couldn’t find it and went home. Supposedly he came back to check his camera a few days later and found this pic – ha! Glad to know the real story.

  19. It’s made it to Louisiana now. When will it stop!?!?

  20. Someone posted that it was a Panther in Harlan Ky! Glad to know the real story

  21. Rob, that cat is big enough to drag your fat wife into the woods!

  22. Apparently this picture was taken in Tweed, Ontario, Canada, just last week. People are not smart.

  23. This photo has been circulating in south eastern Ontario as well. I took one look at the rack and knew better (too flat and too wide for our whitetails). Thanks for the confirmation though.

  24. turkeyfeathers says:

    Just got this photo. From Messena, New York, now.

  25. It has now made its way to the Livingston\Cookeville, Tennessee area and is circulating around facebook. LOL

  26. A friend was showing it to me on his phone. It was said to have been taken near Chipley, Florida. Yep, that cat gets around!!!

  27. Some idiots are claiming this was from a trail cam in Iowa. Thanks for providing the real source. :)

  28. Maybe he moves around with Brian Williams??? All I know is that I’d LOVE to be this cat’s travel agent!

  29. Alexander m Covan says:

    Now he’s in NJ – just got forwarded by text message claiming its from a mutual friends friends game cam. Riiiiggghht.

  30. Wow! I had seen this floating around social media a few times, I’m glad I finally found the truth behind the photos. What a cat…and great story!

  31. Why does that cougar keep dragging the same deer all over the place? He was just “photographed” again in Tweed, Ontario!

  32. My facebook “friends” are claiming it’s in VanBuren, Michigan. I live near the Detroit airport!

  33. Now it’s running the rounds of FB as being in Van Buren County in SW Michigan…

  34. Why is everyone in disbelief? Mountain lions eat deer all the time. They also eat elk in all the western states. I have even witnessed a lion killing a deer in the wilderness. While it was very impressive, it happens all the time. I think the stats are something like 20-30 deer per year for a grown lion.

  35. Right now someone from Ohio posted it was theirs. I guess they don’t know how Google works for everyone else, lol.

  36. This picture showed up on facebook last week. The guy said it was in south east on Ohio and was taken recently.

  37. Lol I just saw it posted as being taken in Indiana!

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