Amazing Locked-Antlered Bucks Harvested

Locked bucks shot at 7D Ranch near San Angelo

When it comes to unique deer hunts this really is one of those once in a lifetime deer hunting stories. In fact, it is downright amazing! A reader of the site tipped me off to this story, which is making its way into hunting forums around the country — and for good reason. The harvested buck was a good animal, but so was the head of the dead buck he was carrying around on its head! That’s right, apparently the bucks got into a scuffle and the better buck won — but he also ended up carrying around the dead buck because they had locked antlers. It’s wild, check out the story: 

Attached is a picture of my daughter, Morgen, who went deer hunting for the first time this last Saturday morning. Little did she know she would get a trophy that most people have only seen in magazines. Morgen killed a 12 point buck whose rack was still locked with a 9 point buck. The 9 point buck was dead and little more than the bust and remnants of the hide were left. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see the two bucks are literally cheek to cheek.

This is extremely rare. Hunters will find two dead bucks whose racks are locked together. To make a kill of a live buck is just amazing. For Morgen this was a once in a lifetime event. The 12 point buck is a magnificent animal. We can only speculate that the hide from the 9 point buck was all ripped and tattered from coyotes.

We were hunting the 7D ranch north of San Angelo. Since this email is going quite literally all over the world I’ll explain that this ranch is over 200 square miles in size. We would like to thank the Sugg family (Joel and Chris especially) for inviting Morgen out to the ranch and being a part of a lifetime memory. We got many many pictures. Needless to say, everyone else took a lot of pictures.

The deer have been dropped off at a taxidermist but it will be 4-6 months before the mounting is finished. This is a story that will be told over and over for many years to come. I’m really proud of Morgen and I just want the entire world to know. Our best to you all and for sharing this little bit of excitement (even for those who are not hunters… thanks for understanding).

Mark Priest
Legend Jewelers
San Angelo, Texas

Locked bucks shot at 7D Ranch near San Angelo

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