Buck Shot By Bowhunter While Locked Up

We’ve all heard instances were two white-tailed bucks were found locked-up during a fight and found dead, but most of us are not lucky (or unlucky) enough to stumble across such an occurence. However, in the hunting video above, a bowhunter (and recruited camera man) finds two nice whitetail bucks tangled together.

In the video, keep an eye on the buck on the left. After the camera zooms in, you can see the arrow hit the buck directly in the lungs and that gets the deer going again. The video ends as the struggling stops, so not sure how what happens after that.

4 Replies to “Buck Shot By Bowhunter While Locked Up”

  1. I do not think that it is unethical to make that shot if the hunter had a license and was legally hunting the area — then fine. If I had two whitetail tags, both bucks would be on the wall. Now days, hunters are always arguing with each other about hunting morality. We should just accept the fact that we do kill animals for food and sport.

  2. I feel the same way. If I walked up on these two deer I would definitely shoot one, if not both, depending on if it was legal. I believe it’s every hunters dream to walk up on two monster bucks locked up. Some people may consider this cheating, but not me. First of all, you have to be HUNTING to see this phenomenon. Second, devoted deer hunters hunt many years and countless hours in a tree stand for maybe one nice deer every 5-10 years. So if we get a break or a freebie, we’ll take advantage of it. Or at least I would!!!

  3. More than likely both bucks would have expired eventually anyway and gone to waste. I would definitely harvest one of the deer in hopes I got to keep both. You can always donate the meat to food pantry programs. Congrats to whomever got this once in a lifetime experience!!

  4. What happens when the one that was shot dies? You can’t exactly go up there and separate the buck you shot too easily… people have been gored trying to do that. I think the guy had to shoot both of them eventually. Probably had to cut the video short because he only had one tag.

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