5 Survey Methods for Deer Management

Deer Survey Techniques for Managing Whitetail Populations It’s nearly impossible to manage a deer population without having some estimate of the number of deer in the area. Annual population estimates can provide valuable information such as herd composition, density and total estimated population. Information gathered from standardized survey techniques can help shape management actions for a property. Even something as basic as […] Continue reading →

Public Hunting in Texas: Draw Hunts Going Online

Texas is well-known for white-tailed deer hunting, but it’s also known as a state that is overwhelmingly privately owned. That means finding low cost and/or quality public hunting opportunities can be few a far between. However, with a little luck you could be hunting smack-dab in the middle of some well-managed lands. That’s because Texas […] Continue reading →

Peak Antler Development in Whitetail Bucks: When?

When Does Antler Growth and Development Peak in Bucks? It’s never too early in the year to start talking about bucks and antler growth for the upcoming hunting season. I have high expectations for some older bucks that should look very nice this fall, especially given the timely late-Spring rains that just soaked the area. That translates directly into additional high-protein forbs, new growth […] Continue reading →

Deer Hunting with Drones

Deer Hunting with Drones? Just because most hunters would never consider hunting white-tailed deer using unmanned drones does not mean unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are completely off the radar of the hunting community. I do see some legitimate applications for using them for deer and wildlife management. If you’re like me then at least part of the reason you […] Continue reading →

Increase Antler Growth in Bucks

White-tailed Deer Management: Increase Antler Growth Most hunters and property owners involved in deer management are interested in healthy herds and increased antler growth and size in bucks. There are numerous other positives that result from managed whitetail populations, the most important of which are healthier, more diverse plant communities for all wildlife species. Good habitat equates to better bucks, but […] Continue reading →