Texas Adopts New Deer Hunting Regulations

Texas Deer Hunting Regulations Change for 2016-17 Deer hunting season is still a half-year away, but planned changes to Texas’ deer hunting regulations may impact your harvest later this fall. That’s because the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted a bevy of changes to this year’s deer hunting regulations that includes expanding white-tailed deer hunting across counties located in the western Panhandle, as […] Continue reading →

Corn Toxicity: Acidosis in White-tailed Deer

Corn and Deer Hunting Go Together The disease termed acidosis can occur anywhere when wild or domestic white-tailed deer, cervids or ruminants ingest large quantities of readily digestible carbohydrates. Often times, these food are grains such corn but acidosis in deer can also be caused by beets, apples and any other high carb, highly fermentable food. Acidosis is whitetail is characterized […] Continue reading →

Headed Deer Hunting: Watch Out for Deer!

Deer Hunting: Watch Out for Deer-Auto Accidents Whitetails and Vehicles Hunters are constantly on the lookout for animals while deer hunting, but this is not always the case while we’re driving. Most accidents, auto or otherwise, happen when we are not fully engaged in what we are doing. It’s a result of being complacent or preoccupied with other stuff in our lives. There […] Continue reading →

Deer Hunting Season Good for Bowhunters

Bowhunting Season Looks Good for Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana were blessed with late-winter rains that carried through spring and into early summer of this year. The relatively mild winter last season allowed white-tailed deer to come out of winter in good condition and then they stepped right into excellent habitat conditions. In short, deer populations are in good shape going into the […] Continue reading →

FAIL: Giant South Carolina Buck is a Fake

Like 'Em Big and Fake? A would-be big buck and state record turns out to be a total hoax. South Carolina deer hunter poacher Nick Davis even fooled an official scorer, but the disproportionately-large antlers did not trick the hunting community. Continued pressure from deer hunters finally spurred action within the state’s wildlife agency. Davis recanted after investigation by the […] Continue reading →

TPWD Will Test Your Harvested Deer for CWD

TPWD Will Help Get Your Deer Tested for CWD Disease Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will test your harvested deer for chronic wasting disease (CWD) during the upcoming deer hunting seasons, which starts October 3 for archery hunters and properties participating in TPWD’s Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP) Program. With the recent discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in two captive deer breeding facilities, […] Continue reading →

Deer Hunting Gains Support in US

Deer Hunting in Texas - Whitetail Deer Management Reading the headline, “Hunting has Big Support Nationwide,” brought a smile to my face this morning. I cut my teeth hunting small game, honed my skills pass shooting doves and finally got the go-ahead to pursue white-tailed deer. My family was instrumental in introducing me to the outdoors, which hunting was a part of. Good […] Continue reading →