Hunters Like Birdwatchers, Research Says

You’ve got the stereotypical pick up truck. They drive a Subaru. You hunt white-tailed deer and other game animals with guns. They “hunt” for game and non-game birds with cameras. A new study is suggesting that hunters and birdwatchers are more alike than either group realizes. Despite the different forms of “hunting” that each of […] Continue reading →

Why Do Deer Blow?

Deer Hunting: Why do Deer Blow? Snorting, Blowing: What Gives? There is nothing worse than hearing a loud, lung-collapsing deer blow while deer hunting. This is especially true when bowhunting, when you need deer to close the distance because of the range limitations of archery equipment. Ironically, a loud blow by a white-tailed sucks all the air out of my sail. […] Continue reading →

Texas to Change Deer Management Program

Texas MLDP Program to Change Private property comprises well over 95-percent of Texas, so most white-tailed deer management and hunting takes place on private lands within the state. Years ago, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) developed a deer management program called the “Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP) Program” in order to improve wildlife habitat and assist landowners interested in […] Continue reading →

Deer Hunting: The Way It Should Be?

White-tailed Deer Hunting in Texas We are all born cold, wet and hungry. That’s why it’s human nature to be a hunter. For those lucky enough to be exposed to white-tailed deer hunting at an early age those first few outdoor experiences can light a fire inside us that lasts a lifetime. It was awesome being a youngster back in […] Continue reading →

5 Survey Methods for Deer Management

Deer Survey Techniques for Managing Whitetail Populations It’s nearly impossible to manage a deer population without having some estimate of the number of deer in the area. Annual population estimates can provide valuable information such as herd composition, density and total estimated population. Information gathered from standardized survey techniques can help shape management actions for a property. Even something as basic as […] Continue reading →