More Deer Test Positive for CWD in Texas

More CWD Positive Deer in Texas Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was confirmed just over one month ago in a captive 1-1/2 year old white-tailed buck in Texas. The first deer to test positive for the disease, however, may not be alone. Reports indicate that at least two additional white-tailed deer have also (initially) tested positive, but the state is awaiting confirmation from […] Continue reading →

Texas CWD Update: 1,300 vs. 700,000

Whitetail Management, Deer Hunting Good Conservation for All White-tailed deer hunting is huge in Texas. There are an estimated 700,000 deer hunters and 3.5 million whitetail in the state, making Texas number one in both whitetail hunter and deer numbers. Whitetail are important for the hunting heritage of state. The “deer hunting industry” is estimated to account for over $2 billion annually, which […] Continue reading →

Predator Management Workshop for Whitetail Managers

Predator Control for Deer Management There are no shortcuts to good white-tailed deer management. There are no silver bullets for producing quality, free-ranging bucks on private lands. It takes work, time and some patience. There are many techniques for managing deer populations and all focus on different aspects of the whitetail herd and they habitat they require. Providing healthy plant […] Continue reading →

Hunters Like Birdwatchers, Research Says

You’ve got the stereotypical pick up truck. They drive a Subaru. You hunt white-tailed deer and other game animals with guns. They “hunt” for game and non-game birds with cameras. A new study is suggesting that hunters and birdwatchers are more alike than either group realizes. Despite the different forms of “hunting” that each of […] Continue reading →

Why Do Deer Blow?

Deer Hunting: Why do Deer Blow? Snorting, Blowing: What Gives? There is nothing worse than hearing a loud, lung-collapsing deer blow while deer hunting. This is especially true when bowhunting, when you need deer to close the distance because of the range limitations of archery equipment. Ironically, a loud blow by a white-tailed sucks all the air out of my sail. […] Continue reading →

Texas to Change Deer Management Program

More CWD Positive Deer in Texas Private property comprises well over 95-percent of Texas, so most white-tailed deer management and hunting takes place on private lands within the state. Years ago, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) developed a deer management program called the “Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP) Program” in order to improve wildlife habitat and assist landowners interested in […] Continue reading →

Deer Hunting: The Way It Should Be?

White-tailed Deer Hunting in Texas We are all born cold, wet and hungry. That’s why it’s human nature to be a hunter. For those lucky enough to be exposed to white-tailed deer hunting at an early age those first few outdoor experiences can light a fire inside us that lasts a lifetime. It was awesome being a youngster back in […] Continue reading →