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Pre-Season Deer Hunting: Prep, Safety & Beyond


It’s mid-August and that means “go time” for pre-season white-tailed deer hunters. There are no doubt countless game cameras scattered throughout the whitetail’s range right now documenting groups of bachelor bucks in all their glory. I can’t wait for the next download myself! The pre-season however is not just about feeder and food plot preparation and eyeing the latest deer hunting gear.

It’s time to get into hunting shape, both mentally and physically. This gets more and more important with each passing year. You know who you are. Join the club. There is no better time than now to start preparing for the physical demands of your next hunting trip. Climbing, lifting, lugging, drawing back a 70-pound bow and the sort can take a toll on a body but physical preparation can go a long way towards keeping you healthy and safe.

Deer Hunting: Be Safe!

Staying in good physical condition should be a way of life. Unfortunately, many of us fail to maintain our desired level of physical condition. For me, like a lot of other hunters, it’s about priorities. We often put other things before ourselves, whether it be our families, our work or both. It’s important we take care of ourselves for those very reasons. Nothing is more important than making it back home safely.

The month of August is officially Tree Stand Safety Awareness month. Each hunting season, unfortunately, a number of hunters do not make it back home. Most hunting accidents are self-inflicted and can be avoided. As you prepare for the upcoming deer hunting season keep safety on the top of your mind. Many hunters have careers that stress safety on the job. Enjoy the pre-season prep as well as the hunting season itself, but take that safety-first attitude with you into the field.

Source: Tree Stand Safety Awareness (TSSA), a newly formed not-for-profit 501(3)c organization with the mission of educating hunters about treestand safety, has announced that August is officially Tree Stand Safety Awareness month. August, the month that most hunters start heading back to the woods to cut trails and hang stands in preparation for upcoming hunting season, is the most opportune time for treestand awareness. TSSA is looking to get hunters to start the season by putting safety first.

Treestand accidents are annually the #1 cause of death and serious injury to deer hunters and virtually 100 percent of these incidents are preventable by implementing three simple measures: First, wear a full-body harness when hunting from a treestand. Second, stay connected from the time your feet leave the ground. Third, make sure your hunting buddies do the same. It really is that simple.

TSSA encourages all hunters to take treestand safety seriously, every time you hunt from or hang a treestand.