TPWD Wants Comments on New Deer Hunting Regulations

Comment on Texas’ proposed hunting regulations 

Deer hunting regulations impact hunters and the deer populations that we hunt. Each year in every state, wildlife agencies examine current regulations and potentially propose changes to those regs to better manage existing game populations. Several years ago, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) transitioned away from political boundaries for the purpose of monitoring white-tailed deer populations and toward biologically-based communities or Resource Management Units (RMUs). TPWD identified 33 unique RMUs across the state having similar soils, vegetation types, and land use practices that they believe will more accurately capture deer population dynamics. Their intent is to develop deer season bag limit frameworks based on these units, although regulations will be implemented based on county boundaries to avoid confusion among hunters.

Recently, TPWD unveiled an extensive suite of potential regulation changes in deer harvest throughout much of the state. The department has begun gathering public input on the potential proposals during the next few months and present to the commission in January a comprehensive set of proposals. Those proposals will then go back out for official comment during a series of public hearings around the state next spring.  A final decision will be made by the commission at its March 25-26, 2009, public meeting. The changes that could be proposed are listed below and the online public comment period will last until 5:00 pm on January 14, 2009. Click here to make your comments now: Comment on potential TPWD regulations

  • Expansion of Antler Restriction Regulations into 52 additional counties
  • Bag Limit Changes: Baylor, Callahan, Haskell, Jones, Knox, Shackelford, Taylor, Throckmorton, and Wilbarger counties
  • Bag Limit Changes: Pecos, Terrell, and Upton counties
  • Bag Limit Changes: Most Cross Timbers and Prairies and Eastern Rolling Plains counties
  • Bag Limit Changes: Selected counties in the western rolling plains
  • General open season: Dawson, Deaf Smith, and Martin counties
  • Expansion of the late antlerless and spike season into additional counties
  • General open season (with antlerless harvest by permit only) in grayson county
  • Additional antlerless deer harvest opportunities
  • Muzzleloader counties and season
  • Extending youth-only seasons

3 Replies to “TPWD Wants Comments on New Deer Hunting Regulations”

  1. This is fine for the hunter, but does nothing for public safety in cities that refuse to insert any control for it from these deer hunters. It gives hunters carte blanch to hunt anywhere 24/7. Hunting in back yards and across street from school activities (football game noise can be used to mask gunshots) or carrying guns down a public city street, not to mention the smelly carcass’s.

  2. antler restrictions might be good for the low-lives that don’t work but for us that do we have two or three days a years to hunt. Remember that in pennsylvania there are no Sunday hunts and it’s a two week season. are great game comittion has the deer heard down with there restocking of fawn eating predaters. the average hunter sees about 4 deer a day if lucky and now we have all the scrubs breading.

  3. Doug, learn to spell. Then learn to hunt. It’s not my fault you live in a crappy state with few deer and a failing school system.

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