Rusty Blackhaw: Excellent Deer Browse

Deer Food: Rusty blackhaw (Viburnum rufidulum)

Class: browse; highly preferred by white-tailed deer

Description: Rusty blackhaw grows as a shrub or small tree with irregular branches, a short trunk and a spreading, irregular crown. It occurs in forest understory and in open areas on moist or dry soil. It’s not uncommon in the Southeastern US and is a component of good whitetail habitat

Rusty Blackhaw is Food for Deer

The leaves of rusty blackhaw have short, rusty, hairy leafstalks and are rusty-hairy beneath, especially along the veins, turning red in the fall, and from this description you can determine that it’s aptly named. The leaves are used as browse forage by white-tailed deer.

The bark is rough, forming rectangular or square plates. The fruit of rusty blackhaw is bluish-black when mature and is eaten by some birds and mammals. It is also edible, the pulp having a sweet, raisin-like taste.

Rusty Blackhaw Photos:

Rusty Blackhaw: Excellent Deer BrowseRusty Blackhaw: Excellent Deer BrowseRusty Blackhaw: Excellent Deer Browse

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