Honeymoon Hunters Bag Their Whitetail Bucks

Honeymoon Hunters Bag Their Whitetail Bucks

For the couple that loves each other and shares the love of hunting big white-tailed bucks, what better way to celebrate their honeymoon than share a week outdoors with each other. I guess you could say Joe and Stacy planned a non-typical honeymoon, but they did manage to bag two great typical bucks at the Four A Ranch in Coryell County, Texas.

Joe and Stacy arrived at the ranch on Monday afternoon (Nov. 26) to spend their honeymoon and do a little hunting. And yes, they were married just the Saturday prior (Nov. 24). But the weather was cooperating and the two settled in for the commitment needed to bag the big boys. Here’s how it unfolded according to the ranch owner, David Anderson:

Stacy bagged her buck Tuesday morning out of the number 4 blind and actually shot the buck before sunrise. It really was a difficult shot because she couldn’t brace either elbow, but she ended up making a perfect shot. The whitetail buck ran in about a 50-yard circle before falling in almost the same spot that he was standing when she shot it!

Before cleaning Stacy’s buck, and friend and I decided to take the guts from a doe he had shot the previous afternoon to the disposal area. Along the way, we jumped a group of rutting bucks that were with a “hot” doe. They were back near the “sunflower patch.” The bucks followed the doe into our recently planted wheat field, so we knew where they were.

We went back to the lodge and Joe said he had seen the same group of deer cross in the distance. Joe jumped into the ranch truck and we cut across the ranch in an effort to get into position. We got out of the truck, and using the terraces on the hill sides, got as close as we could to the planted fields.

By this time, the deer were almost out of the field, but were headed away. Luckily for us, the doe started working back toward us with the bucks in tow. By the time they got into range for a shot, about 15 minutes, we couldn’t make a safe shot. So, we sweated it out for another twenty minutes while the doe slowly worked her way back to our right.

Finally, the doe got the best buck to where Joe could shoot. He used one of the pecan trees for a brace and dropped the buck where he stood at 152-yards.

Two great bucks in the same morning! They’re both very happy, as are we, and now we’re spending the rest of their honeymoon doe hunting, fishing, and looking for arrowheads.

Honeymoon Hunters Bag Their Whitetail BucksHoneymoon Hunters Bag Their Whitetail BucksHoneymoon Hunters Bag Their Whitetail Bucks

And to top off the great hunting!
Honeymoon Hunters Bag Their Whitetail Bucks
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