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Big, Record Book Buck Shot Illegally in Louisiana


Big Buck Down, But No Hunting License

Get this: A deer hunter shot a monster, 200+ inch buck without a hunting license. Now, we’ve all made mistakes while out hunting, but this bowhunter in Louisiana simply takes the cake—a big, fat, huge cake with tree trunks coming out of its skull! However, this deer-hunt-gone-wrong turned out not to be a mistake, just straight-up poaching, but the fact that the successful hunter called up a state wildlife agent to score the big buck, well, that was just another dumb move on his part.

Source: Officials say Senior Agent Douglas Anderson received a call at 10 a.m. Saturday about a trophy buck that had been shot on a private lease in Avoyelles Parish near Simmesport by a guest hunter. The club wanted someone to come measure the buck for record purposes. Upon arrival, Anderson was informed that the deer may have been shot by an unlicensed hunter.

He says he interviewed the hunter, Glen Toups Jr., 40, and Toups confessed to not having a basic hunting license, big-game license or deer tags. The agent cited Toups for the violations, and seized the deer, which was unofficially scored as a 208-inch buck. Taken by a licensed hunter, it would have qualified as one of the largest bow kills ever in Louisiana.

The state’s largest non-typical archery buck was a 219 1/8-inch deer taken by Billy Husted in Tensas Parish in 2007. The No. 2 deer was Rodney Lee’s 203 5/8-incher taken in East Feliciana parish in 1983.

Big Whitetail Buck Poached in Louisiana

A mature white-tailed buck is a smart animal. Apparently, the Louisiana hunter was able to fool the old buck, but couldn’t get one past the LA wildlife department. It takes good deer habitat and a freakish genetic makeup to put 200 inches of bone on a free-ranging buck. That’s a truly impressive animal.

Unfortunately, since the buck was shot illegally, he will not get his proper due in the state rankings. The poacher not only took the buck, but also stole the opportunity for one of his fellow hunters to legally harvest it.