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FAIL: Giant South Carolina Buck is a Fake


A would-be big buck and state record turns out to be a total hoax. South Carolina deer hunter poacher Nick Davis even fooled an official scorer, but the disproportionately-large antlers did not trick the hunting community. Continued pressure from deer hunters finally spurred action within the state’s wildlife agency. Davis recanted after investigation by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC).

The deer was reported to have been shot last Wednesday by the Surry County deer hunter and was measured by Joey Thompson, who happens to be an official scorer for the North Carolina Bowhunters Association. He put the big whitetail buck at a gross score of 223 1/8 inches, a net score of 208 2/8 inches.

Like 'Em Big and Fake?

The buck looked good. Too good. The remarkably white antlers were almost flawless. Hunters continued to point out the pristine rack and commented that the antlers were too white. The inquisitions prompted the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) to take a closer look. Wildlife officials called determined that the antlers were not from North Carolina, but apparently the small-bodied buck was.

Apparently, the antlers were from a Pennsylvania buck that had been screwed onto the skull plate of a recently taken 3 point buck… which was poached with a rifle. Davis confessed to wardens that the oversize antlers were another state. Davis almost pulled the switcheroo off, but some skeptical hunters turned out to be right. In the end, I guess Davis got even more publicity than he wanted.