Two Bucks Lock Antlers

Every deer hunter has heard stories of white-tailed bucks locking antlers while fighting during the rut, but few have actually seen locked-up bucks. Fewer hunters have the photos to prove it — not that we would question the authenticity of some of the seemingly outlandish deer hunting stories heard around a campfire. But for landowners and hunters engaged in deer management practices it’s always difficult to see deer die of natural causes, especially quality bucks. We understand that most natural deaths in deer, including fighting to the death, is a grueling, drawn out process. But it happens before, during, after the rut, and throughout the year.

All of the deer population and habitat management in the world will not stop two bucks from trying to kill each other for breeding rights to a receptive doe. After all, bucks fight for the right to pass on their genes to the next generation of deer, and hopefully the buck with the best genes wins. And they typically do, because that’s the way nature works. But sometimes neither buck walks away. Were they each undeserving?

Deer Management Nightmare: Two Big Bucks Lock Antlers! Two Bucks Fight to Death

Two Whitetail Bucks Lock Antlers Hunters Help Bucks with Lock Antlers

Whitetail Bucks with Locked Horns Bucks Die Fighting for Does, Antlers Locked

“These two trophy bucks were found locked up during the 2009 deer season in northern Calhoun County, Texas. Two hunters were attempted to save one of the white-tailed deer, both of which were nice trophy deer. They shot one with an arrow and then they tried to separate them and release the other one. In the process, one of the men got injured when the live deer was bucking around. The hunter ended up with bone chips in his wrist and elbow, and got gored twice.

They then had no choice but to shoot the second buck. They tried to separate the horns but couldn’t. They then skinned out the deer and took the heads to a local taxidermist and they still could not get the antlers apart. Amazing that they could become that entwined. They are having the heads mounted, and that should make a very interesting mount.”

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  1. Looks like one of these bucks has been shot . which is what I would have done. Oh in one pic you can see the arrow sticking up in the water.

  2. I would assume you would just hang one up at a time and keep the cape attached to the head. I can’t say that I’ve come across that dilemma, but there would definitely be some brainstorming. I’ve only seen locked antlers done with a European mount on each. That’s probably the easiest. A well-experienced taxidermist would probably have the best answer.

  3. On January 29, 2011, I found a 10 point and a 12 point locked while rabbit hunting. After taking a pic, I shot one horn off the 12. The 10 was dead of a broken neck. Hopefully next year the 12 will be back.

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