Monster Illinois Buck Found Dead

Every deer hunter loves a monster buck story, so here is a new one about a big buck found dead in Illinois. Like the world’s record non-typical white-tailed deer that was found dead in Missouri, two quail hunters found this big non-typical buck dead, but on a property near Petersburg, Illinois. I can imagine there is still quite a bit of heartache within the hunters in this area.

The hunters that found the big, dead buck had permission to hunt quail following deer hunting season. I think they jumped a few coveys,  but the most notable thing they brought home was the head and antlers of this massive buck which unofficially scored 246 Boone and Crockett inches. Now, that is something to write home about!

Big Illinois buck found dead near Petersburg

The white-tailed buck was apparently caught on camera by a hunter’s game camera, but the deer apparently eluded hunters for yet another Illinois deer season. I do not know how old this big deer was, but preliminary reports state that no wounds were found on the deer, although coyotes had eaten on the carcass. An impressive buck, no doubt.

Big Illinois buck found dead near PetersburgBig Illinois buck found dead near PetersburgBig Illinois buck found dead near Petersburg
Big Illinois buck found dead near PetersburgBig Illinois buck found dead near Petersburg

9 Replies to “Monster Illinois Buck Found Dead”

  1. Man, that is a BIG BUCK!!!!!! I live in Creswell, North Carolina, and I would be lucky to get a 10 pointer.

  2. THAT’S A MONSTER!!! I live in Scottville, Michigan, and I am lucky if I can even get a buck, but I guess I need to hunt a little harder. Nice!

  3. I got to see this buck in velvet that spring! Had a camera, but I was shaking too much. They came out, but not very good. There were 7 other bucks with it, 2 of whichch were over 200 inches.

  4. Wow! That’s about the biggest nontypical I had ever seen! I’m lucky to get over a spike, but last year I saw a 20 something buck with 2 huge drop tines about 3 days before buck season. But never seen him during buck season. This year got a four point on my trail camera and I am thinking about letting him go a couple more years. By the way, I live in West Virginia.

  5. I know all the secrets to deer hunting:

    1. Stick to the backwoods.
    2. Stay out of valleys because wind swirls your scent around.
    3. Stay down wind (of course).
    4. Pray to God for luck!

    That’s all I’m saying!!!

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