Two Big Whitetails Lock Up and Drowned

As hunters, we hate to see dead deer that are not hunter-killed. This includes deer hit by cars, deer hung in fences by their hind legs, and locked bucks. To non-hunters, it probably does not make sense — because each fall hunters harvest hundreds of thousands of white-tailed deer across the US. The big difference is that most hunters have a good understanding of how wildlife management, specifically deer management, really works and why it is necessary. But there’s much more lost than just hunter satisfaction.

 Whitetail bucks lockup and drowned in pond

Hunters and non-hunters that see the photos of these two dead bucks will consider it a bad thing. However, deer hunters realize that not only has some excellent table fare been lost, but the satisfaction of two successful harvests has vanished, as well. But nature can be cruel — and a bit ironic. Was each of these bucks fighting for the right to pass on their genes, or simply to prevent the other from passing on his? If it was the former, they both lose. If it’s the latter, they both, unfortunately, win.

These two whitetail bucks were found dead on a ranch near Tilden, Texas. They apparently drowned in a stock tank after getting locked together in a fight that really was a brawl for it all. From the photos, the bucks do not appear to be severely locked, but it only takes about 10 seconds to drown. The larger buck scored 166 Boone and Crockett inches and the 12 point buck went 154. Two good bucks, some happy hunters, hamburger meat and a lot of sausage lost.

Whitetail bucks lockup and drowned in pondWhitetail bucks lockup and drowned in pondWhitetail bucks lockup and drowned in pond

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