Not Quite a World Record Whitetail Buck

Big Missouri Non-Typical White-tailed Buck

This is not real new, but this big buck photo is finding its way around the white-tailed deer hunting community. This massive buck was taken by Roger Jarvis in Boone County in northern Missouri. It was originally thought to be a new world record, but it only scored 316 5/8 Boone and Crockett inches. Only. But the buck is not a wild-grown deer. The Missouri Department of Conservation said that this buck was purchased from a breeder and released in a high-fenced ranch. Of course, deer harvested within high-fenced ranches are not eligible to be recorded in Boone and Crockett record books.

In case you didn’t know, the current world record non-typical white-tailed buck was found dead in Missouri, in St. Louis County, in 1981. The big deer was entered into the Boone and Crockett record bok by the Missouri Department of Conservation on behalf of the citizens of Missouri. That buck, called the Missouri Monarch, scored 333 7/8 inches. It is pictured below on the right. And yes, I am looking for a lease in Missouri!

Big Missouri Non-Typical White-tailed BuckWorld Record Non-Typical White-tailed buck from Missouri - 333 7/8

2 Replies to “Not Quite a World Record Whitetail Buck”

  1. What a phony. Purchasing an animal from a breeding farm for the trophy only shows how little this guy is an outdoorsman. These guys get an adrenaline rush from a staged deer-chase. Absolutely disgraceful. As a hunter myself, I’m digusted by people who decide they have accomplished a great achievement when they do this. You might as well buy a grizzly skin and claim you wrestled it to the death.

  2. Hey, you are all wrong about it! I know the real facts of this hunt. First off, it was wild deer. Second off, it was fenced on a 1000 acre piece of land. Roger is a real hunter and this is his wild whitetail deer he shot, so the whole world can suck it!

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