Piebald Buck Harvested in East Texas

The majority of white-tailed deer have brown and white hair, but piebald deer are beautiful animals possessing white and brown fur in random patterns similar to that of a paint horse. I know of very few piebald deer that have been harvested in Texas, but the photos seen here are making their way around the internet with claims that this big piebald buck was shot somewhere in east Texas. The location varies between Corsicana and Palestine.

Was this piebald buck harvested in Texas?

Although both of the claims could have been false, I knew this abnormally colored buck was not harvested in Corsicana simply because there are no pine stands within 50 miles of the town, maybe more. Palestine, on the other hand, has pine forests and plenty of them. After a little more research, I discovered that this piebald trophy was actually harvested the first weekend of the General Season, but it was in fact taken near Palestine. The big-bodied deer was right at 200 pounds on the hoof — and is definitely a unique buck!

Was this piebald buck harvested in Texas?Was this piebald buck harvested in Texas?

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  1. Piebald deer are not sterile. I own a deer farm in West Virginia where we specialize in piebald and white deer. Our piebald breeder buck produces 65% of his fawns each year as piebald. We also breed piebald to piebald and get the same results… 65%. Piebalds are awesome to look at. Each and every one is different. Our breeder buck scores 175 inches at 5 years old.

  2. I was told this piebald buck was killed in Gurdon, Arkansas. If you send me your email address I will send you more pictures of this same deer that was sent to me by the man who killed it.

  3. I have looked at this picture many times and have always thought something odd about this picture. I finally realized what it is. I don’t think this piebald buck is dead. When a deer is dead, his eyes are wide open. This buck’s eyes are half open, his ears are drooping, and his mouth is open… all signs of being alive. There is no blood anywhere on the deer, not even around his mouth and nose. If he were shot and the blood cleaned up, in that amount of time his mouth would have stiffened up and pulled shut. I think this is a hoax. I think this deer was tranqualized from a deer farm, a few pictures taken, and then revived and released. I own a deer farm and have many pictures of myself with my bucks while they are tranqualized. My pictures look just like these. The bucks have the same looks on their faces that this piebald buck does.

  4. I think Jack is “spot on”, so to speak (I could not resist that one, sorry). A buddy of mine sent me the same pictures, only this time it was “taken” in Wisconsin. Really, t-shirts in Wisconsin in deer season? I noticed that the tounge is not hanging out of the side of his mouth… a pretty good sign of a dead deer, but not this one. No blood was another factor making me doubt the authenticity of the “kill.”

  5. I have seen these same piebald buck pictures in an email that claimed the deer was shot in Wisconsin. I also had my doubts from the photos above about the deer being dead. However, one of the photo’s I saw also showed the deer hanging in the shed by it’s antlers. If it’s not dead then someone is going to a lot of trouble to make it look like they harvested a truely great looking animal.

  6. Well if he is alive, personally thats cool with me. I’m not a liberal wacko or an anti-hunting wingnut or anything like that, but it seems sad to kill such a beautiful piebald animal for show. My opionion anyway. I’m sure yall can toss rocks at me as you feel right.

  7. While driving along the Oregon Coast near Tillamook we came upon a piebald whitetail doe. She was dark brown and white. Have gone back to see if we could see her along the road again, but to no avail.

  8. Very nice Piebald. I shot one in North Carolina November 25th, 2008. He gross score 112 6/8. Not as big a rank but he was 17 1/2 wide 8 pointer. Before that buck, I never knew Piebald bucks could grow big racks.

  9. So that’s what they are called. I have a deer cam and have a piebadl deer that come up to eat every night. I didn’t know what it was called. I have some images in my gallery of it. You can go here to see some of them. Glad I seen this site.


  10. Jack, I would very much like the opportunity to speak with you about your thoughts on the “calico buck” pictures. Thanks in advance.

  11. That is an awesome buck! Its like a 30″ trout. It doesn’t matter where it was caught, it is a trophy you won’t ever forget. No matter where this buck was shot or what everyone has commented, I would love to be the man holding them horns and have that mount!!!! Nice harvest… you got any back strap left in the freezer?

  12. I saw a “painted” fawn in Hidden Valley Lake Indiana yesterday. I was totally shocked to see a pinto deer, so I looked them up on the internet and found this website. The fawn I saw was eating grass in someone’s front yard with several other regular deer. He was a darker brown, and had much smaller spots. It was pretty little, so it didn’t have antler’s yet. I leave about 10 miles from this area, and I have also seen deer that were a pale tan color instead of regular tan. The pale tan was not as big a deal as the painted fawn!

  13. Well, you can look at shooting this deer one of 2 ways. You can be sad that it’s not running in the wild, or you can look at it this way.

    Instead of dying in the middle of the woods and rotting to nothing, the hunter is having a whole body mount being done which will let many people see this beautiful animal decades after it would be nothing but worm food.

  14. You were near the Kilches River herd? There is a herd that travels from Garibadi to Tillamook that has several piebald deer in it. There used to be some on the Necanicum River/Saddle Mountain range years ago too.

  15. Here in central texas I have had the option on only two.. I enjoy watching these creatures and only understanding the biology of such. We have many of them throughout the area yet still only see them on a rare occation. now in south texas I dont know many that wouldnt mount the whole animal . I have seen a few albino nalgi stuffed over the years from there and they are a sight to see.

  16. I got my first glance of a piebald doe this morning in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. What a beautiful animal. Having been around a family of hunters all my life. I’ve experience something they never have. I’ve been on the phone all day.

  17. I spotted a young piebald fawn a few weeks ago in Northwest Austin. I stopped my car in the middle of the street to get a few pictures. I have not seen it since, I hope that it survived. Additionally, in my area “Great Hills” we have two large mature black bucks and young buck from last season.

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