Game Camera Catches Bowhunter’s Shot!

Hunters that spend any amount of time in the woods get to see some really awesome things, sometimes events you don’t quite believe yourself! The same can be said of some game camera photos and that is the case today. I received these photos via email and the story is simple, but one photo in particular is really quite amazing!

The photo I am referring to is the middle picture below, which captures a white-tailed buck in flight just a split-second after being shot by a bowhunter. As far as can tell, the photo appears to be real despite looking surreal.

Buck shot with an arrow and caught on game camera

The two biggest factors that make the photo unbelievable are first that the buck appears transparent towards the back of the body and then secondly that the game camera photo actually captures the buck in mid-flight, with an arrow in its side, and blood coming out. Cuddeback camera users know that transparent or ghostly deer photos are not uncommon, so I think this photo is simply luck — and a good shot!

 Buck shot with an arrow and caught on game cameraBuck shot with an arrow and caught on game cameraBuck shot with an arrow and caught on game camera

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My 15 year old cousin (Logan) shot this buck. The next day he want back and pulled this photo off of the camera. He was as stunned as many are. I can tell you that I was supposed to get a copy of the picture last week but they wrote my email address down incorrectly. I sent this post website link to Logan’s Dad (Brian)and sure enough this is his picture. We can not believe that the picture found its way to a South Carolina website when Brian said he has only sent it via email to a few friends. Brian just forwarded me me the email that he sent Cuddeback with the original photo so this picture can be validated by either Cuddeback or my cousin.

They had not showed it to anyone (outside of a printed picture to local friends) until they contacted Cuddeback. Cuddeback thought the picture was incredible however it was to graphic for them to use as in the past – they said anything such as this has had the PETA people in an uproar.

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  1. I say it’s real! Look at the other deer in the top left corner. Everything on this pic just looks to realistic to be photoshopped. The arrow may have just lodged in the opposite shoulder, or maybe it was just perfect timing. That shot oughta be worth something to CuddeBack if it’s real.

  2. Here is my guess on this:

    I think someone took a picture of the deer on the ground with the arrow in it, and then overlayed it on the cuddeback photo to make it look real!

    They did a good job except for the deer being transparent near the top and tail!

    Could be real, could be a fake, but I vote for fake!

  3. Are you kidding me? Look close; you can see right through him. Copy and paste.

    Pass him off as a ghost or something; it’s more believable.

  4. That’s real. I’ve had it catch the deer running away after a shot but it was just a blur. Also some may say it’s fake because the deer looks see through but I’ve seen other cudde pics with the same effect. He will at the very least get a free camera for that shot!

  5. This IS legit!! He is my cousin, so after he shot it he had me take the card out of the camera and look at the pics on my computer. I almost pooped my pants when I saw the pic!!! You can rest assured that its legit. He’s not even smart enough to photo shop something like that!! Sorry man… but your not :)

    Anyways it’s not fake.

  6. My camera takes ghost-like pics, too, if the deer is moving fast. It looks like the pic was taken after the deer got hit and jumped straight up in the air. I don’t know why everyone thinks this photo is fake.

  7. Brandon, everyone probably thinks this picture is fake because they don’t know anything about shutter speeds and exposure. I am a photography student, and I can help out with that.

    A picture is embedded onto a piece of film or a digital sensor when a shutter opens up to let light in. It’s not any more complicated than that. Shutter opens, light comes in, sensor or film records the exposure for as long as the shutter’s open.

    The darker the area being recorded, the longer one must leave the shutter open to properly expose the photograph or they need to use a flash. If the shutter open for a relatively short period of time (say 1/5 of a second), all this does is create a motion blur. In flash photography or really bright situations however, the shutter does not need to be open as long. But if the camera thinks the flash is off, or there’s a mis-communication between the flash and the shutter, or the camera has been manually set for a long exposure, you get this ghosting effect. The item that was exposed has since moved out of the frame (such as a freshly dead dear falling to the ground out of the viewing range of the camera), but there initial presence was still recorded. This is actually how con-men and flim-flams created ‘spirit’ photographs in the old days when cameras were young and the only exposure time available was a long one.

    Judging from the overall brightness and flatness of this image, especially when compared to the darkness of the first picture in the sequence, and the fact that the sky through the trees is really blown-out… I’m going to guess either the shutter fired too long(maybe as much as two seconds), and/or a flash was used when it was not necessary.

    This picture has my vote of authenticity.

  8. I stumbled on this with looking at pic of piebald bucks and clicked on the link for this. Amazing camera catch! BUT… I don’t know where this photo was taken, but if it had been taken in WI, early bow season.., there could have quite possibly been a young man receiving a ticket (for shooting after hours) considering the time stamp on the photo when the buck is being shot.

    The time stamp on the photo says 7:02 p.m. (regardless of how well one can see, official times are suppose to be adhered to). Here he should have been out of the woods by that time.

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