A Whole Bunch of Bucks Harvested

A Bunch of Bucks Harvested

Here is a hunting photo worth a look! Now, I don’t know exactly where these white-tailed bucks were taken, but my best guess would be somewhere in the mid-west. The story, which I received via email, is that these poor hunters lost their hunting lease after 25-years of active harvest management — but this was their last hunt before they left!

As “amazing” as the story and photo are — I am more than a bit skeptical. But once again, this really is a photo worth a look!

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A Bunch of Bucks Harvested

4 Replies to “A Whole Bunch of Bucks Harvested”

  1. As many bucks that are laying there and the number of people, it doesnt even seem legal for that amount of people to kill that many bucks…… 3 a peice???

  2. I am an avid hunter, but this is a complete waste. It just goes to show that some people don’t know what “moderation” means.

  3. I don’t like it when guys just go out to kill animals just for the fun of it. I mean if you are going to kill something, you should at least give the life you took some respect by utilizing the resource and consuming it.

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