Two Albino Deer Caught on Camera

Two albino deer captured at a feeder in these photos

Anyone that has spent any amount of time chasing white-tailed deer has always wondered what deer are doing out there on a day to day basis. You’ve probably thought about this more than once after attempting to chase down a big buck you spotted earlier in the year. But what about white deer, particularly albinos?

Deer have a hard enough life as it is, but being a white deer in the woods would not be an advantage — except during the winter in snow-covered areas. As such, nature has virtually eliminated the color white from a white-tailed deer except for the underparts of the body. It’s just not an advantage to be totally white in the woods with coyotes, mountains lions, and hunters running around chasing after you! With that said, I’m always interested to see pictures of albino deer, but I’ve never seen a live one.

Usually, I end up with photos of albino deer. And here are a couple I received via email. I’m not sure where they were taken, but judging from the physical aspects of these animals (and the snow) these albino deer photos were taken somewhere in the northern US or Canada. This is all I have:

“Tim made the deer feeder with the ‘Browning’ logo. These twin albinos have been coming to our backyard since they were fawns in 2006. We have been trying to capture a digital pic of them for awhile, but they arrive at dusk or even later and they don’t turn out. On Friday about 10 am they arrived.”

More Albino Deer Photos:

Two albino deer captured at a feeder in these photosTwo albino deer captured at a feeder in these photosTwo albino deer captured at a feeder in these photos

9 Replies to “Two Albino Deer Caught on Camera”

  1. I have seen a white deer for the past two years here in Homer Glenn, Illinois. I did finally get a shot of it but it’s not the best albino deer picture in the world. It was taken in the early morning while it was raining. Would you like me to send it to you?

  2. We live in Whitewater, Wisconsin, and just saw two albino deer in a field outside of town. We thought they were goats, but then other cars stopped and we could see they were deer. Very cool.

  3. We have spotted a beautiful young albino white-tailed deer twice now! At Orchard Trail on Jones Ferry Road, Orange County, North Carolina.

  4. Hello Karin, sorry for such a late reply. That would be great to see your albino deer photo. I have many others albino pics also, so maybe we can trade? Thanks!

  5. Just saw an albino deer in a field with about 20 other deer frolicking and it was amazing! We are in Wake Forest, North Carolina. It was as white as a pet bunny! We had to look up “albino deer” when we got home to find out more. I don’t see that one lasting too long, since it practically glowed, but at least it was having fun! Wish I had my camera!

  6. It’s funny that I would come across your message. My husband has a full body mounted button buck that he killed in Wake Forest in 1992! Imagine that. I have seen several piebald and albino deer that have come from that area.

  7. I have a picture I took two days ago in Seabrook Island, South Carolina. She is not fully white, but by herself and a rarity! My in laws never saw one in the 30 years that they lived here!

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