Shed Antlers Rustled Up in Texas

Four A Ranch Sheds 2008

Just as I mention that the shed hunting season is in full-swing down in Texas, one of my friends sends me some photos from their ranch in Coryell County. And yes, apparently there are shed antlers are on the ground — and they found some really nice ones, too!

Here is a quote from the “serious” shed hunter from March 12:

We started our shed hunting today. We found these from the truck, no “serious” hunting yet. The antlers that Patsy is holding to her head are from a buck we’ve seen on camera. I gave him a modest 14″ spread and he scored 148 1/8″.

More Shed Photos from the Four A Ranch:

Four A Ranch Sheds 2008Four A Ranch Sheds 2008

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  1. When would be a good time to look for deer sheds of blacktails along the northern coast of California? I’m located in Marin County.

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