Cedar Elm Makes for Good Deer Browse

Cedar Elm is Deer Browse

Deer Food: Cedar Elm (Ulmus crassifolia)

Class: browse; moderately preferred by deer

Description: Cedar elm is a medium to large-sized tree with drooping branches that form a narrow to rounded crown. The plant occurs on moist soils in bottomland, upland, and even limestone sites where found. The stems may have corky wings, but do not confuse cedar elm with winged elm.

Unlike winged elm, cedar elm leaves are thicker, has the smallest leaves of the elms and is one of the few with fruit, called samaras, maturing in the fall. In addition, the top part of cedar elm leaves have a sand paper-type roughness. In the fall, leaves will turn yellow-gold in color.

White-tailed deer are fond of all elms, especially cedar elm. Where moderate to high deer populations exists, this browse plant will typically show heavy use.

Cedar Elm Photos:

Cedar Elm is Deer BrowseCedar Elm is Deer BrowseCedar Elm is Deer Browse

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