The Heart Attack Buck

A Story About a Big White-tailed Buck

The Heart Attack Buck

I received this “big buck story” via email, so don’t take these unconfirmed facts to heart. Allegedly, the big buck pictured above is named “Heart Attack.” I can plainly see why; this buck has it all. Admittedly, I would probably feel some chest pains rather quickly if this monster white-tailed buck stepped out in front of me! Although I am not a proponent of shooting deer with ear tags, I don’t hold anything against those that do.

With that said, here is how the “Heart Attack” story goes:

“Some guys went on a deer capture in Uvalde County, Texas, about 2-weeks ago and netted this whitetail, “Heart Attack.” The deer scored roughly 248 Boone & Crockett inches. He has 21 points, an inside spread of 32 1/2 inches and an outside spread of 34 1/2 inches.

The big buck is only 4-years old. If you hunt, that probably means something to you. If you don’t, this will. They put a price tag on him of $1 million dollars.

Enjoy the photos. There is one of Heart Attack in velvet and the others are once they had him captured.”

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  1. OhioBuckHunter,
    Some of us LOVE to hunt. It’s a passion bordering on obsession. The concepts you’ve read about in the comments are as foreign to you as what your living room looks like to me.

    I can appreciate where you’re coming from, but you have an inability to appreciate what some of us do to kill trophy bucks on our own land. That’s understandable. There are no breeder pens on my property. No huge bucks or does with superior genetics were ever introduced. They are pure, Texas Hill Country deer.

    To everyone else, if you want to enjoy something in your life, be careful… someone is always around the corner to try and draw the enjoyment out and attempt to impart misery to how you are “wrong.” There are people like that everywhere and it doesn’t just apply to hunting. Some people can’t just let you “be.” Try telling someone what you think their political beliefs should be or how you think they should raise their children… do you see what I mean?

  2. Elvis,
    Some of us in Central Texas know how to hunt. It is taking an 11 yr old grandson to the blind tomorrow and giving him a chance to harvest a free range deer that has been properly managed for 4 or 5 years. And if he makes a bad shot we will get Pearl to do the tracking. Hounds are for coons, hogs and escaped convicts.

  3. I think high fences should be outlawed. Just because the deer are on your property does not mean you own those deer.

  4. Well I’ve seen a conversation go from an enormous whitetail to a high fence bashing convention. It’s amazing how someone can talk crap about the way you hunt when they weren’t raise doing it or have never done it in thier life. I hunt in Texas and have never been in a high fence, so tell me I can’t hunt and I’ll show you pics different. As far as heart-attack goes he was older than 6 because if any of you have ever watched the realtree monster buck videos, he’s on one if them. Probably 8 years ago and he was huge then.

  5. I suspect that 99% of the hunters that knock high fence hunting have never had the opportunity to hunt within one or simply can not afford to build one around their property, and would jump at the chance if the opportunity arose. I got tired of neighboring properties harvesting deer I worked my ass off to grow and let mature. I have no regrets and none will be forced up on me.

  6. Well it is so OBVIOUS that the deer had to have been a tame pet since it had a TAG in its ear.. BAH! Why don’t some of you northern, more-American boys come down to south Texas and I will put you in a pen with some of my tame, not-real cows and see how you fare.. don’t worry, they have tags in their ears! Everything wild (and most of the domestic stuff) in south Texas will poke, scratch, claw or bite you.. and that’s the less aggressive 50%.. the other 50% does that first then eats you! And it doesn’t care what side of a fence it is on or how tall that fence is.

    Anybody see the series of pics of the bucks locked up in the stream where the two TEXAS hunters attempted to unlock them without killing either? I know it’s hard to believe someone from TEXAS could do something ethical! They even resorted to trying a chainsaw.. Apparently one of the guys ended up with a broken wrist and got gored. If only they had read this blog first.. they would have known they could have just snuck up and slapped a tag in the deer’s ear and PRESTO!.. a tame deer!

    A friend of mine married into a very wealthy family years ago. His father-in-law bought a 7,000 acre ranch in the south Texas Golden Triangle and high-fenced it.. what an un-ethical, un-American thing to do (according to some). Can u believe the sorry old SOB even put out protein and minerals? Well his justification was that he was going to make sure his grand-kids and their kids always had a place to go that wasn’t corrupted by politics and whacko ideologies and the encroachment of civilization. No hunting was allowed within a quarter mile of any provided food sources. He wanted to make sure the animals stayed wild and didn’t associate the food with humans. 7000 acres-almost 11 square miles! There is wildlife in that “pen” that have never seen the perimeter fence.. probably some that never even saw some of the low cross-fences or humans for that matter.

    Ethics and morality, just like opinions, are extremely personal and different for everyone and can’t and won’t ever be legislated. At least you better hope not because then all of our freedoms are gone. Those things can however be taught and passed on from one generation to the next. My 11 year old daughter killed her first deer last month.. a 7.5 yr old doe. Unfortunately by some people’s standards, she is EVIL! She was GUIDED (by me) and we spread a coffee can of CORN in an open field. Never mind that we got to spend hours in the BLIND (ooh, another sin!) together passing the hunting heritage and all that goes with it from one generation to the next as it was with me and my father.

    I have hunted wild game all over in all kinds of conditions and environments with different weapons.. I figure the hunting here in Texas isn’t much different than bugling up bulls in CO, bear hunting in AK over bait, sitting a food plot in TN or MO, duping a WY antelope with a decoy or ambush at a water hole or decoying ducks in AR flooded timber. It’s all about the thrill of being able to outwit our prey via attraction and distraction!

    Don’t talk to me or any of the other fine gentleman on this board about ETHICS or SPORTSMANSHIP. Not a single gentleman from Texas responded with any type of negative personal comment toward any of you or pounded his own chest, yet several of you continue to berate and insult us. You do it like you want and we’ll do it the way we want. The way I see it, I am a contributor. 7 years from now, I know of at least one more new voter who will be voting for a candidate that will be working to ensure that you still have the right to run your fool mouth and hunt as you please! What have you done besides hee-haw like a bunch of asses? If you have an opinion, by all means, express it; but keep your nasty, obtuse comments to yourself before somebody knocks that superiority complex out of you.

    By the way, a wise old woman once told me that if you chunk a rock in a pack of mongrels, the one that yelps is the one you hit… and I just chunked a rock!

    Viva la Tejas!

  7. I ve hunted deer all my life and seen very few real big bucks, and i ve hunted places that have big bucks, for example the mississippi river in tennesee and kentucky and killed a few big ones 150 to 160 inch deer.. thats pretty good for a low fence area where you may or may not see nothn.. you put me on a high fenced in 1oo acre or 400 acre place and i ll kill ever thang out there!! it aint true huntn man!!! if you want to hunt like that you should be ashamed of your self man! a little BABY can kill deer like that yall be for real and go hunt right fellas…COME ON MAN!!!!!

  8. Hunting isn’t just something we do, It’s part of who we are. As long as we and our decendants live, may we be free to do so. While all those who would control us in our sport, as well as every other aspect of our lives, are sneaking up on us from every angle, our time would be better spent defending our hunting heritage than attacking each other! The greater enemy is upon us gentlemen!

  9. The guys saying that high fenced deer are wild are a joke. I hunted on them when I was a kid and it was a freaking joke. They’re farm animals for rich guys to shoot and be real proud of. Its about as much hunting as catching fish at a boat show. The commercialization of deer hunting has done much damage to the past time and experience for regular hunters young and old.

  10. Miles, I respect your opinion but have also been of many high fenced properties over several decades. They have ranged from small properties of 100 acres up to over 10,000. A few did have deer breeder pens but most did not and still do not. In Texas, property owners will often high fence their properties in order to have more control over the native deer herd.

    I wouldn’t be so fast to condemn every person with a high fence. Those same people will back up your right to hunt. I’ve seen plenty of native deer on un-fenced and low-fenced properties that are relative easy to hunt. Don’t confuse over-hunted deer with lightly hunted deer. That could be the difference you observed in your single, past experience.

  11. I’m not interested in pen raised deer, hunting pen raised deer is only for people with lots of money that don’t really know how to hunt.

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