Fencing for Deer: What Not To Do

Thinking about building a new fence on your property? Well, if you have any consideration for the white-tailed or other deer living in your area, avoid building fences that look like the one pictured. Basically, any variation of the ornamental (wrought) iron fence seen here should be avoided to prevent continually finding dead deer hanging around your residence, property. It’s important to do it right the first time, and the same principle applies to building fences in areas where deer are found.

This buck was found hanging on this pointed-iron fence after attempting to cross. The deer was likely trying to gain access to the tempting, irrigated yard which looked like a food plot ripe for the picking. In addition to making wildlife-friendly fences, be sure that are gates constructed in an equally deer-friendly fashion as deer will try to pass through them as well.

Think ahead, get the word out to hunters and non-hunters alike and let the whitetail deer grow a little older in your area!

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