Muzzleloader Monster Whitetail 2007

Muzzleloader Monster Whitetail 2007

Check out this muzzleloader monster some lucky guy managed to harvest this year! I received these photos in an email without any information, so I’m not sure what state or even the region this big boy was taken from. The best I can tell, it looks to be the southern midwest.

With the abundance of browse vegetation seen in these photos, it’s no wonder this white-tailed buck got this big! Good habitat means good bucks. Obviously, he had great genetic potential, too!

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If you have any information about this deer, contact me or leave a message in the comments section below! Until I have more information, just enjoy the photos of this great buck!

Muzzleloader Monster Whitetail 2007Muzzleloader Monster Whitetail 2007Muzzleloader Monster Whitetail 2007

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