Georgetown Hunter Bags First Buck at Five

Georgetown Hunter Bags First Buck at Five

Five-year old Steven of Georgeton, Texas, bagged his first buck ever on Saturday morning while hunting with his father near Winchester, Texas. Steven managed to hit the mature buck, an 11-point white-tailed deer with a 16 3/8″ inside spread, with a single shot from his .222 caliber rifle from 115-yards.

Although Steven was fortunate enough to bag his first buck on the morning of his very first day of hunting, he also managed to bag his second buck ever on the very same day! He harvested a 3-point buck that evening. Congratulations to Steven and kudos to his father!

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  1. Congrats on the first deer. Very nice, but do you really have to kill two bucks in a day, let alone the same season? You just might ruin this kid and let him think he can kill whatever and however many of anything he can when he wants.

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