Sausage Making: A Few Recipes for the Hunters

Sausage Making:  A Few Recipes for the Hunters

Ready to make some sausage are you? Congratulations, that means you managed to bag some sort of critter this hunting season! Well, you’ve put in the time and effort to bag your wild game, you took care of the animal in the field and got it home, and now it’s time to create a finished product.

Sounds great, so check out the following recipes:

Each year after we harvest a couple of deer, my family and I will get together and make sausage. This is an annual event, typically starting with a wood duck hunt in the early morning and then getting back to the house in short order to get to work making sausage.

We commonly make sausage out of deer and wild hogs, but you can do a lot of substitution when in comes to making sausage. Usually, our sausage mix is about 50% deer and 50% wild or store-bought pork. Sometimes when we don’t manage to bring porky home, we will also subsitute in beef brisket in place of the pork. This works quite well and what we end up adding to the sausage usually just comes down to what is on sale that week.

You can be imaginative when it comes to sausage making, we’ve even used geese, ducks, and turkey – and they have all turned out great! Venison is lean, so you are definitely going to want to add some fat to give your sausage some moisture and make it better table fare. I recommend making a sausage that is about 85% meat and 15% fat.

The following recipe is one that we use and is based on 5 pound increments so that you can easily adapt it to fit the quantity of sausage that you are making. After mixing, stuffing, and tying, you are ready to smoke it.

Basic Sausage Recipe

5 pounds boneless meat of your preference
2 Tablespoons black pepper
1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon modern cure

Summer Sausage

The basic sausage recipe above can also be used to make summer sausage. The only difference is that you need to add at least one more ingredient to the mix. Add 3% nonfat dry milk (by weight) to the mix and this will make the sausage “gel.” If you are making 10 pounds of summer sausage, then you need to add 0.3 pounds of nonfat dry milk. Also, you can add in other ingredients to kick it up, but this is best determined by personal preference. Whole black pepper, mustard seed, jalepenos, and cheese can be added to your summer sausage recipes to give them a kick. I usually just add whole black pepper and I do this until it “looks” right.

Breakfast-pan Sausage

This is a great pan sausage to eat for breakfast and even works great in chili. This can be made from your 50/50 deer and pork mix or from straight pork. Use the basic sausage recipe, but DO NOT use modern cure. In addition, add 2 Tablespoons of ground sage for every 5 pounds of meat and you are done. Simply grind and pack for the freezer!

Sausage Making:  A Few Recipes for the Hunters

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